Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Sibiu Classic Rally 2023
Event date 2023-09-29
Event website https://sibiuclassicrally.ro/
Event code scr23

Number of cars 42 result
Categories C,E,F,G,H,I,DACIA,TR,WIM result
Category C 1 result
Category E 1 result
Category F 4 result
Category G 8 result
Category H 18 result
Category I 10 result
Category DACIA 2 result
Category TR 10 result
Category WIM 0 result

Number of teams 0 result

Paltinis ET1 48.40km
Garbova ET2 51.16km
Sibiu ET3 91.76km
Axente Sever ET4 102.11km
Sibiu ET5 55.41km
Total 348.84km

Regularity trials
Cisnadioara (TR101) 3.20km MAP result
Rasinari (TR102) 4.62km MAP result
Curmatura (TR103) 7.49km MAP result
Paltinis (TR104) 0.00km MAP result
Sibiel (TR201) 3.44km MAP result
Saliste (TR202) 7.56km MAP result
Dealu (TR203) 2.56km MAP result
Apoldu (TR204) 1.99km MAP result
Miercurea (TR205) 3.43km MAP result
Garbova (TR206) 3.96km MAP result
Calnic (TR301) 3.47km MAP result
Dumbrava (TR302) 5.42km MAP result
Dobra (TR303) 5.26km MAP result
Jina (TR304) 5.28km MAP result
Poiana (TR305) 3.19km MAP result
Rod (TR306) 5.84km MAP result
Oras (TR401) 10.44km MAP result
Slimnic (TR402) 4.95km MAP result
Cinmils (TR403) 2.47km MAP result
Alamor (TR404) 4.65km MAP result
Pauca (TR406) 4.01km MAP result
DJ107B (TR407) 2.73km MAP result
Verde (TR408) 4.08km MAP result
Portocaliu (TR409) 4.08km MAP result
Rosu (TR410) 7.11km MAP result
Seica Mica (TR411) 3.66km MAP result
Regularity stages length 114.89km
% from Total length 32.93%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 14651.28km
Computed controls 93
All saved controls 3606